Appendix B: Governance Committee Sample Follow Up Memo

To: Open Data Council Members

From: [STAFF]

Subject: Open Data Council Meeting,

Date: [DATE]

As a result of our recent meeting, please provide work through the following action items before the next Open Data Council meeting.

The next several meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

  • [Date, time, location]
  • [Date, time, location]
  • [Date, time, location]
  1. As requested, please complete required [Ethics and Financial Disclosure] forms.
  2. Each agency should identify its top five datasets for making publicly available on open data portal, using the criteria agreed upon by the council.
  3. Before the next meeting, each agency should upload three new datasets to the open data portal. One of these three datasets should be a dataset listed in your response to question #2.
  4. Please communicate the requirements of the Open Data Policy and the Mayor’s charge on open data to your agency's staff.
  5. Each agency should prepare suggestions on how to organize the work and discussions of the Council. Does your agency recommend any specific working groups?

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